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Vice Chancellor


My role as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at UC Berkeley is to be an advocate as students transition into, navigate through, and connect beyond their UC Berkeley college experience.

Along with my team, I am deeply invested in a transformational student experience and the opportunities to develop the tools that will shape your life during and after Berkeley.

We want to make a big, public institution feel smaller. We do this primarily by supporting your successful navigation of our culture and campus. We want you to experience “every door is the right door.” We are translators of the student experience, collaborators, and problem solvers, and we hold the safety net for those students experiencing crisis.

This work begins with the early outreach we do to help students learn about and apply to Berkeley. We ensure that basic needs are met through housing and meals, are packaged for financial aid, and we provide transcripts and academic records. We support your transition, help you navigate campus, and find supportive and engaging communities (for example, in residence halls and campus clubs and organizations).

Speaking on behalf of the entire Division, we want all of our students to graduate from Berkeley feeling a connection to the engagement opportunities they have had and willing to support the future of our campus community.


–Stephen C. Sutton, Ed.D.
Vice Chancellor
Division of Student Affairs