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Berkeley Campus Policy Governing the Promotion of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products on the Campus and at Campus-Sponsored Events

Particular brands or manufacturers of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products may not be advertised or promoted either (a) on the Berkeley campus or (b) in conjunction with activities or events away from the campus that are sponsored by campus units or campus-recognized groups and attended by students. Campus-recognized groups include organizations of students, employees, or alumni that are registered with the campus or that use the name of either the University of California or the Berkeley Campus.

  1. This prohibition includes but is not limited to the use of the various promotional instruments and arrangements described below. Distribution of commercial newspapers and magazines is specifically excepted from this policy. Publications and printed material produced by campus units and campus-recognized groups are subject to the provisions of this policy.
      • Distributing or dispensing fliers, posters, signs, banners dispensers, and articles of apparel bearing the name or logo of an alcohol or tobacco product or manufacturer. The management of the ASUC store and the Bear’s Lair Pub are excepted from this restriction within the Bear’s Lair itself.
      • Accepting as primary or secondary sponsors of activities or events manufacturers, distributors, or retailers whose principal business is alcoholic beverages or tobacco products. Agreements between campus units or campus-recognized groups and third parties concerning the sponsorship of events and/or use of campus facilities must ensure compliance with this policy.
      • Encouraging or giving permission for any game or contest involving the consumption or awarding of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products as a prize.
      • Selling, or offering to sell, alcoholic beverages or tobacco products at a discount price.
      • Offering two or more alcoholic beverage drinks for the price of one, or offering free drinks or tobacco products.
      • Offering any other form of rebate on the price of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products for limited periods of time.
      • Advertising or promoting any of these practices.
  2. Any exception to this prohibition requires the express approval of the Dean of Student Life (or, in his or her absence, the Provost for Undergraduate Affairs), who will determine whether the proposed promotional activity’s benefit to the campus community significantly outweighs the detriment it poses.
  3. Violation of this policy is grounds for canceling or suspending the activity or event and imposing sanctions against the sponsoring unit, group or organization, at the discretion of the Dean of Student Life.