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Berkeley Campus Policy Governing Student Dances


The Berkeley Campus Policy Governing Student Dances was developed to promote the efficient and orderly use of campus facilities.  Further, recognized student organizations sponsoring dances with student attendees will be ensured equitable allocation of campus space for such dances. The Berkeley Campus recognizes the frequent use of its campus facilities by diverse student organizations and departmentally sponsored dances with students in attendance and, therefore, seeks to promote enjoyable dances for students in a safe environment. Campus departments who sponsor dances will not be subject to this dance policy, with the exception of Section IX of this policy. Campus departmental sponsorship will be defined as departments primarily responsible for the funding of the event.

This general policy operates in conjunction with specific deadlines, policies, and regulations currently in effect within each campus facility. Campus facility reservation deadlines and other procedural details may vary; therefore, the facility manager must be consulted before the dance to obtain specific details concerning reservation procedures. Failure to comply with campus regulations and policies pertaining to dances may result in the cancellation of the dance by appropriate campus officials.

The Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee has the authority to modify or cancel any provision set forth in this policy as it applies to the implementation of dance events on the Berkeley campus. In addition, the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee reserves the right to cancel a dance at any time according to campus regulations and policies governing the safety and orderly operation of the campus.

I. Dance Defined

For the purpose of this policy, a “dance” is any social event sponsored by a University-recognized student organization, including the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC), whose primary purpose is the promotion of free movement to amplified music in an unobstructed area in a campus facility or area subject to reservation.

II. Dance Procedures

  1. One student signatory of a currently registered or sponsored organization seeking to use campus facilities to hold a dance must:
    1. Review the Dance Worksheet (PDF) obtainable from the LEAD Center.
    2. Tentatively reserve the facility where the dance will be held.  Facility policies may vary for dances;
    3. Complete and submit the “Dance Worksheet” to the LEAD Center at at least 35 working days prior to the event;
    4. Complete a Police Services Request Form and conduct a University of California Police Department Security Assessment for the event. This must be done at least 30 working days prior to the event.
    5. Meet with a LEAD Center Coordinator to review event details at least 30 working days before the event.
    6. Contact Marsh Campus Connexions for event insurance at least 20 working days prior to the event.  A Certificate of Insurance listing “The Regents of the University of California” as additionally insured is required for all dances held on campus.
    7. Submit publicity materials to your LEAD Center Advisor for approval at least 20 working days prior to your event.  All publicity materials, including but not limited to flyers, posters, emails, and internet postings, must be approved by the LEAD Center and UCPD prior to posting/distribution.
    8. Comply with all pre-dance requirements as established by the LEAD Center, University of California Police Department, Risk Services, and the facility manager.
  2. Organizers of the dance and the student organization signatory who completed the Dance Worksheet are required to meet with a Dance Coordination Team. This “Dance Coordination Meeting” is required at least 15 working days before the dance. The Dance Coordination Team will consider other campus events occurring during the same time period.  Officials from the LEAD Center and/or the Dance Coordination Team may request an additional meeting for the purpose of ensuring that all instructions agreed to at the Dance Coordination Meeting by the student organization are satisfied.
  3. A communication process exists so that, fifteen business days before each dance, the UCPD police chief or designee shall inform a group that would include representatives from the Berkeley Police Department, the City Manager’s office, the ASUC management, the Presidents of T.A.A. and T.P.B.I.D., or their designees, about the dance, expected attendance, security measures, etc.  The UCPD police chief or any member of this group may request that a meeting of the group be convened in advance of the dance to discuss related pertinent information.
  4. Dances must end no later than 2:00a.m.

III. Appeal of Reservation Denial

Any applicant who is denied a reservation for use of campus facilities may appeal the denial in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Berkeley Campus Regulations #251 “Any applicant who is denied a reservation for use of University facilities may appeal in writing to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or a designee.”

IV. Attendance

  1. Only current UCB students with valid student identification cards and their accompanied guest(s) may attend a dance held in a campus facility.  All dance attendees are required to show photo identification. Non-UCB students under 18 years of age will not be admitted.  There will be no in-and-out privileges.  A maximum of three guests are allowed, one may be a non-college student and all must accompany the UCB student.
    1. It is common for conferences held on campus to include a dance as a social activity for attendees, who may or may not be UCB students. For conferences held on the campus, only conference attendees and one guest may attend, regardless of UCB affiliation.  The conference organizers must distribute the sequentially numbered tickets in advance and the number of tickets cannot exceed the estimation of guests approved or room capacity.
  2. All dance attendees will be subject to search for contraband, weapons, drugs, alcohol, and other illegal or prohibited materials by an authorized staff member.  Participants shall be notified through clearly posted signs at the dance entrance that they are subject to a search.
  3. The maximum room capacity for all campus facilities shall be established by the Campus Fire Marshall. The facility manager may reduce capacity requirements in accordance with staff availability and other considerations.

V. Dance Promotion

Off-campus distribution of fliers, or other written, printed materials is not permitted.  Online and email advertising is allowed for promotion of the dance. In addition, all promotional material shall be submitted at least 20 working days in advance for approval to the designated LEAD Center Advisor before printing/duplication and distribution. Flyers and posters shall clearly state that the dance is open to UCB students with valid identification cards and their college guests with photo identification showing proof of age 18 years or older.  Advertising must clearly indicate that the dance is not open to the public and that tickets will be sold at the door up to one hour after the event begins.

VI. Ticket Sales

  1. Advance ticketing is required for all dances at Pauley Ballroom.  Tickets can be sold at the door up to one hour after the event begins.
  2. The number of tickets sold or distributed cannot exceed the estimation of guests approved or room capacity.
  3. Tickets must be sequentially numbered and note that tickets will only be sold at the door up to one hour after the event begins.
  4. Tickets will state that college identification is required for entrance to the dance.
  5. Online ticket sales may be conducted by utilizing an approved online vendor offered by the ASUC Auxiliary Office of Student Affairs.

VII. Financial Responsibility

Students who sign the Dance Worksheet and/or the other student organization signatories registered with the LEAD Center may be held personally liable for all costs related to the dance.  Departments sponsoring dances with student attendees will be liable for all costs related to the dance.  This includes, but is not limited to facility fees, security costs, and any damages that may occur as a result of the event.

VIII. Security

  1. A security needs assessment shall be conducted at least 30 working days prior to the scheduled date of the dance. The security assessment shall be conducted by the University of California Police Department at a meeting that may include, as necessary, the following: a staff member from the LEAD Center, the facility manager and or designee, and one or more student organization signatories and other representatives from the sponsoring student organization. The student(s) serving as the “Dance Coordinator(s)” shall be made known to the University of California Police Department at this time and shall be present and available throughout the event.
  2. The authority to decide to end a dance due to safety concerns rests with the highest-ranking University of California Police Department officer at the dance.
  3. The sponsoring organization shall incur additional costs if the University of California Police Department determines that more security is needed at any time during the dance.

IX. Alcohol and Drugs

  1. The possession and/or consumption of alcohol at dances is prohibited unless the facility is licensed to sell alcohol or a campus alcohol service permit is issued through the University of California Police Department to a campus department that will sponsor the student organization’s dance. Under no circumstances will an individual under the age of 21 be served alcohol.
  2. If a department serves alcoholic beverages at a student organization dance, career staff or faculty of the sponsoring department must attend the Dance Coordination Meeting before the event, be present at the event and assume responsibility for ensuring that no one under the age of 21 consumes alcohol.
  3. If alcohol is served, at least 20% of all beverages must be non-alcoholic and food must be provided throughout the dance. Non-alcoholic beverages must be prominently displayed and served in the same place as alcoholic drinks.
  4. The use and/or possession of illegal drugs are prohibited.