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Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Services and Fees (CACSSF)

The Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Services & Fees (CACSSF) regularly advises the Chancellor and senior administration on student services funding and fee issues. The committee supports students through multi-year planning, closer partnerships with administration and a coordinated process on student fees.

The charge of the committee is to:

  • Review and make short- and long-term allocation recommendations to the Chancellor and his/her designee on all Student Services Fee funds,
  • Make annual decisions on allocations of the CACSSF discretionary fund,
  • Make recommendations on the annual Students Services Fee level to be set by the Regents,
  • Review and recommend student fee policies and procedures,
  • Undertake a multi-year planning process that strategically considers fee referenda, course materials and services fees, miscellaneous student fees and campus allocations,
  • Periodically (e.g., every three to five years) review campus allocations to student services and make recommendations to the Chancellor on any changes to student services allocations,
  • Advise on requests for student services funding as part of the campus budget cycle,
  • Work with other campus committees to facilitate communication and process around student services issues and student fees,
  • Monitor miscellaneous and campus-based mandatory fees as needed (including advising on the Life Safety Fee Program), and
  • Maintain an inventory of existing student fees, including mandatory university fees, campus-based fees, course materials fees and miscellaneous student fees.

CACSSF was convened in fall 2006 as a standing committee.