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10 Important to-dos to get ready for fall semester

Dear undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students,

We’re excited to begin a new year within our amazing learning community. Here are a few steps to take to help your semester start smoothly:

  1. Complete your CalCentral tasks.
    Log into the CalCentral student portal to complete all outstanding tasks and resolve any holds.
  2. Prep for Financial Aid disbursement on August 14th
    To receive your financial aid disbursement on time, complete your tasks in CalCentral as soon as possible and make sure you are enrolled in a minimum of 6 units. Use the Calculate a Balance Worksheet to determine if you’ll receive a refund or have a balance due after financial aid is applied. You may also want to create a spending plan.
  3. Set up direct deposit.
    Get your money faster with direct deposit into the U.S. bank of your choice. Learn how easy it is. Need a paper refund check? Checks are mailed to your local address, so be sure it is up to date in CalCentral.
  4. Give delegate access to parents/guardians or partners.
    Decide if you want to give your parents/guardians or partner delegate access to certain parts of your student account. Make sure they have their code phrase to view your financial information in CalCentral, pay bills, or to be able to speak to Cal Student Central.
  5. Review your finances.
    Do your actual living expenses (i.e., housing, books, health insurance) differ from your Estimated Cost of Attendance? Request a Cost of Attendance Adjustment once the form becomes available.
  6. Officially register by August 18.
    To officially register, make certain you have done these three things:
    1) enrolled in at least one class;
    2) paid 20 percent of tuition and fees (even if it’s not yet due) by August 18, and;
    3) have no holds against your registration.

  7. NEW- Verify enrollment by September 15.
    Check bCourses (or your bMail if your class is not on bCourses) during the first few weeks of the semester for prompts to “verify participation” in each of your courses by completing a reading assignment on Academic Integrity. This process is mandatory for all students, regardless of their financial aid status.
  8. We are here to help!
    Need to speak with someone about financial aid, billing and payments, enrollment, or transcripts? Cal Student Central offers online, phone, and in-person advising. Learn more, including hours of operation. For other questions, please reach out to the applicable offices:

  9. Ask the chatbot questions 24/7/365.
    Get your financial aid, registration, billing, payment, housing, and rec sports questions answered through text and video in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese. It’s as easy as visiting the Cal Student Central, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Office of the Registrar, Housing, or Berkeley Rec Sports websites.
  10. Get access to key campus services:

Have a wonderful semester and Go Bears!

Stephen C. Sutton, Ed.D. (he/him/his)
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs



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